We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 Oklahoma Rural Paramedic Scholarship!

Only the top candidates were selected. Each student will receive an award of up to $3,000. In return, each student will work a minimum of 2 years at a rural EMS agency in Oklahoma providing paramedic-level care.

Each winner was scored by an independent 3-person panel made up of EMS experts. They were scored based on the following criteria:


Round 1: May 2017

The following 20 students are the winners! Ranked in order, the top 20 candidates are:

1. John Monroe, Great Plains Technology Center, Fletcher Volunteer FD

2. Tanner DeArman, Tulsa Technology Center, Pafford EMS

3. Shem Bernache, Tulsa Community College, Oologah-Talala EMS

4. Jesse Copeland, Great Plains Technology Center, Duncan Fire Department

5. Ernest Freeman, Crodwer College, Quapaw FD/EMS

6. Jason Salazar, Kiamichi Technology Center, LifeNet EMS

7. Katrina Rackley, Kiamichi Technology Center, Watonga EMS

8. Megan Jones, Oklahoma City Community College, McClain/Grady EMS

9. Brandon Want, Great Plains Technology Center, Lawton Fire Department

10. Olivia Decker, Kiamichi Technology Center, Major County EMS

11. Jesus Aguilar, Kiamichi Technology Center, Life EMS

12. Kyle Nyhart, Great Plains Technology Center, Lawton Fire Department

13. Kaleb Ivins, Great Plains Technology Center, Kirk's EMS

14. Sandra Sand, Great Plains Technology Center, Kirk's EMS

15. William Watkins, Kiamichi Technology Center, Creek County EMS

16. William Phillips, Kiamichi Technology Center, Pafford EMS

17. Candice Nenneman, Tulsa Technology Center, Mercy Regional EMS

18. Frances Ann Lawson, Kiamichi Technology Center

19. Wenoa McCollom, Kiamichi Technology Center

20. Jared Molaison, Kiamichi Technology Center, Pafford EMS


Round 2: August 2017

1. Michael Hart, Crowder College, Quapaw Tribe Fire & EMS

2. Jessie Skinner, Kiamichi Technology Center, Cherokee Nation EMS

3. Trevor Elliott, Tulsa Technology Center

4. Paul Lynn, Kiamichi Technology Center, LeFlore County EMS