Harvey Conner Memorial Scholarship Fund



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Long time paramedic and EMS Educator, Harvey Conner, peacefully passed away at his home on June 5, 2019  Harvey has been an EMT and paramedic for nearly 40 years in the Oklahoma City area.  When he was not working on an ambulance saving lives he was in the classroom working to mold the minds and characters of future paramedics.  No matter where you are in the country, chances are Harvey has had an impact on your life or your community through extensive efforts with the American Heart Association, EMS curriculum development, and public safety government policy.  He was a family man first, a man of faith, a leader, a mentor, an educator, and a hero.

One of Harvey's last wishes was to create a paramedic scholarship fund in his name. He had requested that supporters donate to this scholarship fund in lieu of flowers or other funeral costs. EMS Success has awarded over $500,000 in paramedic scholarships to more than 100 students across the country. Harvey participated in the evaluation of every single one of those scholarships. Harvey was always very passionate about supporting paramedic students who were struggling financially to complete their paramedic education.

This new memorial fund will allow Harvey's passion to be honored for many years to come. Please consider donating.





As always, all donations made to EMS Success are 100% tax-deductible as we are a 501c3 public charity. 100% of all funds donated will go directly to funding the Harvey Conner Memorial Scholarship.

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