Heart & Soul

EMS Success will be publishing a manuscript/book with literary and artistic works specifically related to the world of Emergency Medical Services and Paramedicine.  This manuscript will be titled Heart & Soul: Collections of the Art of Paramedicine. 

Heart & Soul
will contain original works of prose, visual arts, and poetry collected by all those involved in paramedicine to include: all EMS providers at any level, educators, physicians, nurses, EMS students, patients & their family members, and anyone else interested in sharing their work with this endeavor.  Submissions are welcome from anywhere in the world. 

Artwork example. "Ambulance Disaster" By Dansun 


EMS Success strongly supports the role that the arts and humanities plays within the profession of paramedicine.  Through this project, we hope to help all EMS providers become more sensitive to the cultures that they live and work in, help them learn about the tragedies and suffering that comes from dying, but also the joys and love that come from living.  It is our hope that this will stimulate those in this profession to have a deeper insight and understanding of what it means to be a professional and what it means to work with the human body and interact with the soul.  Free copies of this book will be given to EMS agencies and Paramedic programs across the world.  Copies will also be available for sale to the general public on our website.  100% of the proceeds from this book will go back to EMS Success to further our mission of assisting EMS providers from across the entire world. 

Prose/poetry example. "Heroes" by Lynda Walkeer 

All interested authors/artists are invited to submit unpublished, original EMS/Paramedicine, literary and/or artistic works.  Work must follow all of the guidelines as set forth below and must be submitted no later than December 31, 2019. 

Guidelines for submission are as follows:

  • Work must be submitted through the link below or using the QR code.  We will not accept through mail or any carrier service.

Heart & Soul submission

  • Please include the following information:
    • Author/artist's name
    • Title of your work and category
    • Phone number
    • mailing address
    • A short autobiography paragraph written in the 3rd person
  • Attachments should meet the following criteria:
    • No personal information in your actual file attachment
    • One attachment for EACH submission (limit 5)
  • Prose and/or poetry submissions should be in Word format with the below formatting:
    • single spaced
    • times new roman
    • 12 font
    • 3,500 word maximum


    EMS Success is a federally recognized 501c3 nonprofit charity.  We do not have any paid employees so we must rely on financial support for endeavors such as Heart & Soul.  If you would like to give a tax deductible financial gift to help with publication costs, distribution, and continued improvement of Heart & Soul, please click on the donate button below.  Be sure to include Heart & Soul  in the subject line for all donations.  All contributors will be recognized in the manuscript and all those who donate more than $25 will also receive an issue of the manuscript.


    Submissions unrelated to EMS/Paramedicine will be rejected.  All publication decisions will rest with the Heart & Soul  editorial staff.  All decisions are final.  

    You may submit up to five works total.  All or none may be accepted.

    We cannot accept any work(s) that have previously been published in any format.   

    Heart & Soul acquires all first publication rights, as well as rights to publish the work for promotional purposes.  After publication, re-printing rights revert to the author, and may be reprinted as long as appropriate acknowledgments are made to Heart & Soul.   

    The only compensation to the author or artist will be one free copy of the edition of the manuscript in which their work appeared.  There will be no monetary compensation.   

    We will require a signed "Letter of Agreement" prior to publication of any work.  The author/artist will receive the document as an attachment with their email notification of acceptance into the forthcoming manuscript.