Support for long time paramedic and EMS educator, Harvey Conner



Long time paramedic and EMS Educator, Harvey Conner, has fallen on difficult times and is desperate need of our assistance.  Harvey has been an EMT and paramedic for nearly 40 years in the Oklahoma City area.  When he was not working on an ambulance saving lives he was in the classroom working to mold the minds and characters of future paramedics.  No matter where you are in the country, chances are Harvey has had an impact on your life or your community through extensive efforts with the American Heart Association, EMS curriculum development, and public safety government policy.  He is a family man first, a man of faith, a leader, an educator, and a hero, and now he could use our help.

Harvey suffers from many debilitating illnesses including severe spinal stenosis which has left him unable to walk or even stand.  He also has formed severe retinal neuropathy reducing his vision to about 40% capacity.  Add to that, he is now 100% bed-ridden with little to no chance that he will ever leave his bed. Through all of this, Harvey still supports a household full of children and grandchildren. 


Harvey’s medical bills for treatment are already 100% covered.  However, he needs home healthcare (which his insurance will not cover) to ensure he can maintain a healthy quality of life.   

Harvey has dedicated his entire life to giving back to those around him and his community, giving back to his profession, and saving lives.  We know the EMS family can come together to support Harvey in his greatest time of need.  Anything you can donate to this cause would go a long way as the donations truly add up quickly. 


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As always, all donations made to EMS Success are 100% tax-deductible as we are a 501c3 public charity (Federal EIN 45-3039314). 100% of all funds donated will go directly to the supporting Harvey Conner and his family by paying for home health care and rehabilitation services. We take ZERO monies from public donations and will commit to donating $500 of our own money to Harvey’s family in addition to all monies raised.

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