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EMS Success welcomes new board member!




The winners for the 2017 Oklahoma Rural Paramedic Scholarship have been announced!

Click here for the winners.


Mission Statement

     Welcome to EMS Success where our mission is to provide financial support to EMTs and Paramedics from across America. Our primary method of providing this support is through educational scholarships. EMS Success will seek out the most qualified individuals through an application process and award funds once per semester.

     EMS Success is also committed to financially assisting the families of EMTs and Paramedics who may be killed or injured in the line of duty. We maintain a fund that allows us to immediately provide assistance to the families of these fallen heroes.

EMS Success

EMS Success has successfully received a grant aimed at improving the EMS coverage in rural Oklahoma. We have awarded a total of 15 FULL Paramedic scholarships and 1 EMT scholarship. Click HERE to see the 2013 recipients!!