EMT NCCP Full 20 hour course.

EMT NCCP Full 20 hour course.

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EMT NCCP Full 20 hour course.

This course 100% online and 100% work-at-your-own pace!!!  No need to pick subjects or take multiple classes.  This course flows seamlessly form beginning to end and upon completion of the course you will be able to automatically download your certificate which will satisfy ALL of your NREMT continuing education requirements for the national component.  No need to assign topics and hours in your NREMT account as all CEUs from this class will automatically populate in your NREMT account.

This course will automatically be uploaded and sync with your NREMT account.  Even after you complete the course and download your certificate you will still have access to the course for up to 365 days. 

20 hours total!

Take this course if you ONLY need the National Component for EMT and you already have completed 20 hours of your own state/local CEUs.

Take this course if you have taken an EMT course and failed the NREMT exam 3 times and now you need an NCCP refresher in order to test a 4th time.  .

If you take this course you will still need an additional 20 hours of state/local CEUs to fulfill your National Registry recertification requirements. 

All classes delivered by The Doctor Medic, LLC with a percentage of profits from all classes going directly back to EMS Success for charitable causes.

This course is CAPCE Accredited and accepted by the NREMT and any state or local agency who requires CAPCE accreditation


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jessie Decker
Super Easy

Very easy to follow and great updates

Good Review

Good review learned some new thing that I didn't go over in class. Went more in depth and some things an EMT can't do but it's good to know.

Paul Carpenter

I used this for the 20 hour review after three fails with the NREMT the Course was helpful in many ways.

Worth the $150

I loved this! It was quick and easy, I learned some new stuff I didn't in class which isn't to bad


It was a nice review. However, a lot of the information and quiz questions is not applicable to EMTs.