Our Story

     EMS Success is a non-profit corporation formed in 2011. We are based in the Oklahoma City, OK metro area and were formed by several local EMS professionals. We have a diverse staff made up of firefighters, flight paramedics, and EMS educators. We all share the same core values in EMS which include respect, education, and professionalism.

     EMS Success was formed as a way to provide financial assistance to those that want to enter the EMS profession or further their current EMS education. We will do this by providing scholarships and financial assistance. Our funding comes 100% from public donations which include businesses and the general public from across the nation.

      EMS Success is committed to helping students from all across the nation achieve their dream of becoming an EMT or a Paramedic.

      EMS Success is also committed to maintaining an EMS Survivor's Fund to provide assistance to EMS professionals and their families should they be seriously injured or fall ill. Many EMS professionals work the majority of their careers by giving back to the community in the form of civil service. Often times there are very few financial benefits available to these people. EMS Success has the ability to provide financial assistance to these families through specific donations and fundraising events.


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