Survivor's Assistance

2021 - Family of Angel Boyd

Angel Boyd was tragically killed in the back of an ambulance while volunteering her time to asses a family friend. Not only was she the Director of Leedey EMS in Leedey, OK, she was also a paramedic for Roger Mills County EMS.  Angel was the most affectionate person you ever could have known and died while providing that affection out of the goodness of her heart. 

The full story can be found here via KOCO news. 

Angel studied paramedicine at OSU’s paramedic program in Oklahoma City.  She was a mother of four and a grandmother to one. 

Angel leaves behind a her husband Mitch as well as her son Aaron, 25, daughter Allie, 20, daughter Madison, 14, daughter Mackenzie, 7, grandson Rowan, 1, daughter-in-law, Shasta, and son-in-law, Kolt.  

Through 100% public support and donations, we donated a total of $21,090 to Angel's family. 

2020 - Calvin Steves

You all may know Calvin Steves. He is the super Sooner fan you see around campus corner with his OU Softball helmet and a stack full of Norman Transcript newspapers for sale. While Calvin may be well-known and full of positivity, today he needs your help with funeral expenses for his big brother Billy who died suddenly of a heart attack last week.
Calvin has a unique relationship with many EMTs and Paramedics in the Norman, OK area. Calvin suffers from epilepsy and routinely interacts with local EMS crews. Calvin always pays us back by giving us free newspapers and cracking jokes and supporting the Sooners. 


EMS Success raised $1,500! Calvin was so grateful and wanted us to thank everyone on his behalf. So, again, THANK YOU!!!

2018 - Cathy Hoffman

Cathy Bordwine-Ho has been in EMS for 28 years, and a paramedic for 25 of those years. She taught the paramedic program for the Oklahoma City Fire Department. She’s worked in Hawaii as a paramedic for The City & County of Honolulu, also a Paramedic at Midwest City EMS, and is now a paramedic at EMSA. For the majority of Cathy’s life she has helped the sick, the lonely, the wounded, and has loved every second of it. After fracturing her neck it was discovered that Cathy had stage 4 metastatic bone cancer.

EMS Success donated $1,000 from our "rainy day fund" to assist Cathy with her finances while she works to recover and get healthy again.

2017 - Chelsea Stewart


Chelsea Stewart is a paramedic in Oklahoma City, OK. Chelsea was involved a serious ambulance crash in the early morning hours of August 16, 2017. Chelsea was providing patient care in the back of the ambulance to a 66-year-old patient. While on the way to the hospital the ambulance went off the roadway and rolled 7 times, completely separating the patient compartment from the ambulance. Chelsea and the patient were both ejected from the ambulance. Sadly, the patient did not survive her injuries.

Oklahoma Paramedic injured in ambulance crash.

Chelsea is just 28 years old. Her husband is also a paramedic in Norman, OK. As of this writing, Chelsea has already endured one surgery and has suffered from multiple open fractures to both of her legs, fractures to both of her arms, fractures to both of her clavicles, spinal fractures, and major superficial trauma to her face. Neurological results are still pending.

Oklahoma Paramedic injured in ambulance crash.

Chelsea and Ryan have 3 children and have dedicated their lives to helping others. Now, they will face a major financial hurdle in their lives as they deal with the beginnings of long term healing and rehabilitation.

Your support and donations helped to raise a total of $13,072 for Chelsea and family while she recovers from her injuries.

2016 - Lemuel Finlay

Lemuel Finlay was a flight paramedic for MediFlight of Oklahoma and a ground paramedic for EMSStat/Norman Regional Hospital in Norman, OK. He was also pursuing his degree as a registered nurse. Lemuel was killed early on the morning of June 25th in a tragic ATV accident at Lake Eufaula.

For the full story on Fox25 click here.

Lemuel leaves behind a wife and two children. Lemuel dedicated his life towards helping others as well as being a strong husband and a loving father. With much public support, EMS Success donated $5,480 to Lem's family.


2016 - Captain Kelly Lewis

Kelly Lewis served as a Captain for the Edmond Fire Department for 14 years. He has also been a firefighter with the Deer Creek Fire Department for 20 years. Captain Lewis worked through a kidney transplant in 2002 but still managed to serve his community both in Edmond as well as Deer Creek.

Kelly suddenly fell ill again and he was admitted to Baptist hospital in Oklahoma City where he was diagnosed with kidney & liver failure. Sadly, Captain Lewis succumbed to his illnesses and passed away on the morning of September 13, 2016.

Captain Lewis was well-known as a family man and civil servant. He leaves behind his wife, Tina, also a Deer Creek firefighter, as well as 2 young children, Colton (3 y/o) and Caleb (6 months).

Captain Lewis devoted his life to helping those around him. EMS Success donated a total of $5,750 to the family.

2016 - EMT from Midwest City EMS

In 2016, local EMT, Tisha Spencer, lost everything when her house suddenly caught fire and was completely destroyed. No one was injured in the fire but Tisha and her family lost all of their belongings. EMS Success was able to donate $500 to help Tisha and her family during the long wait for their insurance reimbursement.

2014 - AirEvac Lifeteam 25 Helicopter Crash

AirEvac Lifeteam's Duncan, OK base flight crew suffered a fatal helicopter crash during the early morning hours of October 4, 2014 in Wichita Falls, TX. The patient suffered fatal injuries and did not survive. The Pilot suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries. The Flight Nurse, Leslie Stewart suffered severe burns and died several days later at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, TX. The Flight Paramedic, Johan van der Colff, also suffered severe burns and died several weeks later, also at Parkland Hospital.

To assist with the overwhelming amount of financial needs that the families of the medical crew endured immediately after the crash, EMS Success donated a total of $7,000 to these families just a few days after the crash occurred. This money went to assist the families with being out of work, traveling across the country, lodging, meals, and other costly expenses. See the full story here.

2014 - EMSA Therapy DOG

2014 - Donation Made to the Medevac Foundation

EMS Success was proud to donate $500 to the Medevac Foundation with the support of Air Methods, MediFlight, and Tulsa Life Flight, to further their efforts towards research, education, and safety for the critical care industry for both air and ground EMS.

2014 - Local Firefighter/Paramedic Loses Everything in House Fire

In early 2014, local firefighter/paramedic, Jonathan Davis, lost everything when his house suddenly caught fire and was completely destroyed. No one was injured in the fire but Jonathan and his family lost all of their belongings. EMS Success was able to donate $500 to help Jonathan and his family during the long wait for their insurance reimbursement.

2013 - Paramedic from Life EMS, Enid, OK:

In 2013, EMS Success was contacted by a group of EMS professionals from Life EMS in Enid, OK. We were saddened to hear of the news that one of their paramedics had recently suffered the loss of one of his newborn premature twins. His family was suffering financially due to the ongoing care of the mother and their premature daughter who remained in the NICU. They were also struggling with funeral expenses. During this time the wife had to quit her job while this paramedic continued to work the streets in order to support his family. EMS Success was happy to donate $1,000 in order to assist this paramedic and his family in their time of need. We have chosen to keep this paramedic's name confidential.

2013 - Midwest City Firefighter Don Mariano Golf Tournament:

We were happy to make a donation to the family of Midwest City Firefighter Don Mariano who lost his battle with cancer on September 21, 2005.

"The Midwest City Fire Department is in mourning this week with the passing of retired firefighter who lost his fight against cancer in the early morning hours Sunday, Sept. 21.

Don Mariano, 53, retired in February after 24 years of service. He also had been an EMT at Midwest Regional Medical Center for 20-plus years." Full story here.

2013 - Moore, OK EF5 Tornado:

Moore, OK suffered a devastating EF5 tornado that wiped out thousands of homes and killed dozens. Several EMTs and Paramedics returned home after the storm to find their homes severely damaged or completely destroyed. Crystal Buckaloo Brown is a Paramedic with EMSA in Oklahoma City. She returned after the storm to find her home completely destroyed. Crystal was forced to move herself and her family into a small hotel room. EMS Success provided Crystal with $1,500 worth of immediate assistance.

2013 - West EMS

The West, TX fertilizer plant explosion rocked the nation on April 17, 2013 killing at least 15 people including volunteer fire fighters, EMTs, and Paramedics. West EMS lost several EMT students and their instructor just after the blast. EMS Success was able to donate $1,000 specifically to West EMS to assist them in any way possible.

2013 - James Postoak

We mourn the loss of Paramedic James Postoak. James was very well known in the EMS community across the state of Oklahoma and died suddenly on April 22, 2013 at his home. James was a long time supervisor at EMSA of Tulsa and had just began a career as a Flight Paramedic with MediFlight in Lawton, OK.

James' family and friends had struggled to pay for this funeral services following his sudden passing. We were able to donate a total of $1,900 to assist in the funeral costs.

2013 - EagleMed 7 Crash

EagleMed 7, based in Oklahoma City, OK suffered a fatal crash that took place February 22, 2013 in Oklahoma City, OK. This horrific accident claimed the lives of the pilot, Mark Montgomery and the nurse, Chris Denning. The sole survivor of this accident, Billy Wynne, was seriously injured in the accident suffering from multiple injuries including severe burns to a large portion of his body. Billy was immediately transferred to Parkland Burn Center in Dallas, TX for extensive treatment and rehabilitation.

With the support of people from across the nation, we raised a total of $10,407.87 in just a few weeks time. We gave this money directly to the family of Billy to assist them in their efforts to remain at Billy's side in Dallas while he recovered from his extensive injuries.

For the news story click here.

2013 - MediFlight 2 Crash

MediFlight of Oklahoma had a serious accident on January 2, 2013. The crew consisted of a pilot, two registered nurses, and one paramedic. Due to the amazing efforts of the pilot, all 4 crew members survived. However, all of them suffered injuries, some of them severe. For the full story click HERE.

Three of the crew members were able to recover quickly. However, Flight Nurse Tony Wilson, suffered extensive injuries and had to endure several operations and extensive rehabilitation. A total of $2,000 was raised in a short amount of time in order to assist Tony and his family as he rehabilitated out of state.

2012 - Reaves Family

Zac and Brenna Reaves have been very active members of the health care field. Brenna is an L&D RN and Zac is a Paramedic. They have 5 children, 2 of whom were just recently born prematurely. One of the premature twins (Jack) has required intensive care since he was born. Jack was just recently released to go home but he still requires 24 hour nursing care. Zac and Brenna have had to maintain part-time jobs to ensure they are able to be with little Jack. On top of this, Zac just recently broke both of his legs while off duty and now is recovering at home in a wheel chair leaving him unable to work as a paramedic. EMS Success was able to assist the Reaves family by directly paying for $1,500 of their monthly bills while Zac recovers and Jack gets his continuing care. Even while recovering in the wheelchair, Zac is working part-time as a clinical instructor for paramedic students. These are great people who have dedicated themselves to helping others even while going through tough times themselves.