Board of Directors

Charlie Swearingen - Board Member

Charlie Swearingen entered EMS in the fall of 2000 by registering for an EMT course. He later went on to paramedic school at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC). After 2 years of working on the busy, high volume Jackson, MS streets, he earned a job with UMMC’s helicopter program, AirCare. He spent the next 5 years treating the sick and injured and returning them, via critical care helicopter, back the University. Following Hurricane Katrina and after realized he needed to learn much more, he began a path towards academia that he remains on today. In 2010, Charlie took an appointment as a full time EMS faculty at Oklahoma City Community College. After a few years, Charlie returned to flight with Air Methods out of Chickasha, OK. This change led to a promotion within Air Methods, the world’s second largest air medical service provider. Charlie accepted the promotion to Clinical Education Manager, one of 3 people who’s job it was to education and maintain competency for all the company’s 1500 clinicians. Since 2010, Charlie has competed on the international stage as a USA volleyball national team athlete, earning a berth to the Rio Summer Games in 2016.  In late 2018, he left Air Methods full time to train for the Summer Games in Tokyo in 2020 and to run his business, Meducation Specialists. Finally, he recently took up an adjunct faculty role with Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City. He resides in Denver, Colorado with his wife Marge.


Justin Hunter- President/Director

Justin Hunter is a nationally certified paramedic and flight paramedic.  Justin is the Paramedicine Program Director and Associate Professor with Oklahoma State University – OKC.  He completed a PhD with Monash University in Australia, with ambitions to move the EMS agenda forward in the United States by researching Crew Resource Management and its effects on paramedicine and paramedicine education. Justin is an active paramedic in a busy 911-system in Norman, OK. Justin is also the founder and President of EMS Success, Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to assisting EMTs and paramedics from across world.


Lance Breeden- Board Member & Secretary



Lance Breeden began his love for Emergency Medicine In 2002 as he started his path towards his degree at Oklahoma State University-OKC in Municipal Fire Protection and Emergency Medicine. He later furthered his education with a Bachelors Degree in Emergency Responder Administration. Mr. Breeden is an accomplished Educator, Instructor, Coach and teacher of Emergency Medical Services, Fire Service Operations, Hazardous Materials, Emergency Management, Leadership, and Organizational Management. 
He began his professional career as a Firefighter/Paramedic for the City of Edmond Oklahoma in 2004. 

Mr. Breeden is now a passionate entrepreneur, owner of multiple businesses, and continues to focus on expanding his  impact for his community. He finds that the work of EMS Success is a priceless contribution to EMS and society.