2023 Oklahoma Rural Paramedic Recipients

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2023 Oklahoma Rural Paramedic Scholarship!

Only the top candidates were selected. Each student will receive an award of up to $3,750.   In return, each student will work a minimum of 2 years at a rural EMS agency in Oklahoma providing paramedic-level care.

Each winner was scored by an independent 3-person panel made up of EMS experts. They were scored based on the following criteria:

  • Community need
  • Financial need
  • Dedication to their community
  • Dedication to the EMS profession
  • Ability set an example for professionalism in EMS

The following students are the winners! Ranked in order, the top 24 candidates are:


  1. Shelby Jamison, OSU-OKC, REACT EMS
  2. Helen Hollenbeck, Tulsa Community College, Mercy Regional EMS
  3. Kaitlin Byrd, Kiamichi Technology Center, Pafford EMS
  4. Shon Taylor, Gordon Cooper Technology Center, Holdenville Fire Department
  5. Madison White, Kiamichi Technology Center, Muskogee County EMS
  6. Austin Murphy, Tulsa Technology Center, Skiatook Fire Department
  7. Gracie Walker, Tulsa Community College, (seeking rural employment)
  8. Jenni Wedel, Kiamichi Technology Center, Major County EMS
  9. Stephanie Braden, Kiamichi Technology Center, Lifenet EMS
  10. Nicole Alcorn, Kiamichi Technology Center, Mercy Regional EMS
  11. Logan Chilcoat, Tulsa Community College, Creek County EMS
  12. Isabella Scott, Tulsa Technology Center, (seeking rural employment)
  13. Timothy Shipman, Kiamichi Technology Center, Leflore County EMS
  14. Christian Pinkston, Tulsa Technology Center, Skiatook Fire Department
  15. Travis Hinds, Tulsa Technology Center, (seeking rural employment)
  16. Patrick McCarty, Gordon Cooper Technology Center, Pafford EMS
  17. Ethan Grogan, Tulsa Technology Center, Owasso FD
  18. Nicholas Fulton, Kiamichi Technology Center, Ponca City FD
  19. Jules Curry, OSU-OKC, Miller EMS
  20. Benjamin Waldron, Tulsa Technology Center, Skiatook Fire Department