Eligibility Requirements

Applicant must submit a complete and accurate application by the stated deadline

Applicant must already be a current paramedic student and in good standing with their EMS program.

Applicant must submit a letter of request, in 1,000 words or less, that describes why he or she is pursuing this educational scholarship, his or her educational and employment goals, and how the scholarship would be of benefit.

EMS scholarships are not awarded for course work already taken.

Recipient who withdraws or discontinues the educational program prior to completion for reasons within his or her control (i.e., dropping the course, academic dismissal for absences, etc.) must immediately refund scholarship funds.  

Recipient must maintain passing grades and remain in good standing throughout the course of study. Recipient may be required to submit monthly progress reports. 

Recipient of EMS scholarships must seek certification by testing upon completion of their paramedic program.

Recipient must provide follow-up information and respond to EMS Success requests pertaining to their education and career.

Recipient must sign a contract agreeing to these scholarship guidelines.


                                              Selection process
• We will only accept applications that are submitted by the posted deadline.
• All status updates and selection notices will officially be done through email.
• The selection board will focus on the following criteria in the selection process;

     o Community need
     o Financial need
     o Dedication to their community.
     o Dedication to the EMS profession.
     o Ability to set an example for professionalism in EMS.


Note: All scholarships are contingent upon available funds.