EMS Instructor Course

This EMS Instructor class is a 40-hour course (100% online) and is based on the 2002 National Guidelines as well as current 2024 best practices in EMS education. Modern lectures and activities are included in this all-inclusive course.

The course will begin on the start date that you select when checking out and then last for 6-7 weeks.  There will be optional weekly live sessions but the majority of the work can be completed on your own schedule.

This class will be a form of work-at-your-own pace but there will be assignments due each week and will not have any required live classes. We will utilize some unique technology to have all students in this class complete activities such as lesson plans, objectives, skills demonstrations, online lectures, video editing, presentations with technology, etc!!

Profits from all classes go directly back to EMS Success for charitable causes.

For any questions send us an email at emssuccess13@gmail.com

or call/text to 1-877-663-3429


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