Paramedic NCCP Full 60 hour course

Paramedic NCCP Full 60 hour course

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Paramedic NCCP Full 60 hour course. Includes 30 national hours PLUS 30 hours of additional state & local CEUs.

This course 100% online and 100% work-at-your-own pace!!!

60 hours total!

Take this course if your are a Nationally Registered paramedic and need ALL of your CEUs for recertification.

Take this course if you need the National Component & all of the state and local CEUs for Paramedic.

Take this course if you have let your Paramedic certification lapse and are now trying to regain NREMT certification

All classes delivered by The Doctor Medic, LLC with a percentage of profits from all classes going directly back to EMS Success for charitable causes.

This course is CAPCE Accredited and accepted by the NREMT and any state or local agency who requires CAPCE accreditation